Hammers from Banks’ Museum |Linocut

Blowtorches from Banks’ Museum | Reduction Linocut

Glimpsing the Solway | Reduction Linocut

Water Jug and Glass | Reduction Linocut

Eskdale Farm in Snow| Reduction Linocut

Mischief and Mayhem| Reduction Linocut

Napoleon and Friends| Reduction Linocut

Green Teapot | Reduction Linocut

Tea Time | Reduction Linocut

Hill Farm in the Snow | Reduction Linocut

Traces | Reduction Linocut | Part of Northern Prints Hadrians Wall Exhibition

Pink Vase | Reduction Linocut

My latest prints have been produced using the reduction method.
It is quite a nerve wracking process as only one lino block is used and as each colour is printed more lino is cut away. At the end there is very little left of the block and it is impossible to make further prints. 
On the plus side there is only one block to register (i.e. place in exactly the same position for each print session) and the cutting is done gradually. I find it gives me more time to consider my next move either as regards cutting away or ink colour.
The major disadvantage is that if you make mistakes (as I do! ) and spoil prints you may only be left with a very small edition.